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We provide global services in four main areas: Audit and Assurance, Accounting, Taxation, and Business Advisory Services. Through the above services, we can help you win and retain the confidence of investors, manage your risk, strengthen your controls and achieve your growth potential.

We have well trained experienced and talented people with a shared way of working and commitment to quality. We involve our clients in the assignments we do for them to come up with suitable and relevant solutions. This allows us to put together a team that can give you a valuable service you need in whatever industry you are in.

Audit and Assurance Services

We provide audit and assurance services to a wide range of entities including private companies, Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and government institutions. In providing the above services, we follow the international standards on auditing and we also ensure compliance with all local statutory reporting requirements. The quality of service we provide depends on our people working with clients as a team. In this regard, our audits are performed by competent independent professionals who evaluate audit evidence to ensure it is sufficient to form an appropriate independent auditor’s opinion. We ensure that we issue internal control review letters or management letters that contain recommendations to management for required improvements in internal controls.

An audit is important as it may be required by: banks or lenders before granting a loan, donors for accountability or before providing funding, for purposes of filing corporation or income tax returns to Uganda Revenue Authority, contracting bodies in evaluation of tenders and shareholders or potential investors to assess the net worth of the business.

Accounting Services
We provide, book keeping, financial and management accounting services. You provide us with business records and information and we record it, process it and produce the required reports. We prepare useful customized financial statements to assist management in assessing business performance and making right decisions. We also process financial information in accordance with International Accounting Standard s (IASs), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) or Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) to produce financial statements for audit purposes.

A proper tax function forms a strong reporting foundation and  there is need for sustainable tax planning to help any entity achieve its growth potential. You need a tax consultant/Expert to assist align your tax strategies with your business drivers, based on effective compliance and open, transparent reporting. Under our taxation services, we render the following:

  • Tax registration and setting up tax systems
  • Tax advisory & tax planning - we provide advice regarding key transactions and resolving disputes with the tax authorities including tax objections and appeals
  • Tax health checks and reviews - we review your business records and transactions to assess and advice on any potential risks and opportunities
  • Tax returns and payments - we compute the right tax and assist the entity in filing returns and making payments
  • Tax clearances and exemptions - we secure tax clearances and exemptions on your behalf

Business Advisory Services
We provide creative business solutions to different challenges faced by clients. We provide the following:

  • Due diligence - We carry out a review or audit of a potential investment to confirm all material facts in regard to an agreement or transaction with another party to prevent unnecessary harm to either party involved. An independent due diligence provides critical information for investors and other stakeholders.
  • Business plans - we prepare business plans to enable clients realize their dreams, to get funding and for different purposes
  • Training - we offer training and capacity building in different fields of Taxation, Accounting, Management and Governance
  • Studies and surveys- we conduct diagnostic studies, market surveys, feasibility studies and research in different fields


 We provide global services in four main areas: Audit and Assurance, Accounting, Taxation and Business Advisory Services.

At Grand & Noble

 We have well trained, experienced and talented people with a shared way of working and commitment to quality. .

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