Claudia Rankine writes to Thomas Jefferson



In the past year, more often than not, he's sitting on a massive painting, with a rag and a bowl of Windex, wiping away at blues and greens covering the floor like a reverse fresco. His images resist representation and call to mind a thing covered over, the thing that seems of nature but is not named in the natural world.


Sandeep, at times, works on canvas painted years before, and therefore his paintings have complex color histories that the Windex chemically dissolves but cannot completely erase. The name for this form is pentimento, where the earlier image, reduced to a color memory or trace, stays present. His process reveals sediment of color, as when one digs through layers of sand until the grains meet the darkness of the ocean. The difference here is that the Windex lightens. Eventually, it's as if behind cheap prom dresses online the massive canvas the sun is waiting. Sandeep's mode of erasure peels back years of work, work that has been put aside, returned to and painted over, creating a depth of field.


My own process initially feels opposite to this. I start with nothing, except of course, everything I've read, seen and felt. Cheap Prom Dresses 2015 It takes me a tortured while to write what I know. It's a battle to trust what's right there in front of me. Language feels inadequate to the skepticism that skips Cheap Evening Dresses about in my head. I put my pen down. Why my thoughts initially feel like a melody, a chord or some note that won't connect with its song, I can't say. I have learned to remain at my desk without taking my temperature.


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I think about Sandeep's Windex in those moments of silence when I can't find my way to a sentence. How do I cut through to the other side where expression is also something I own? The simple answer is, I read. I return to the world and do the thing I love to do: listen. For me, reading is listening. It's the act of turning to another life or idea. Sometimes, I think I know the person; sometimes, I cheap wedding dresses online am under the impression I understand the idea. This was the state I was in when I began reading "Notes on the State of Virginia," by Thomas cheap wedding dresses Jefferson.


"Citizen: An American Lyric" by Claudia Rankine (Graywolf )


I read actively, underlining this and that, pleased to have found something to do with my pen. I have always thought of Jefferson as equal to people such as John Stuart Mill, men who, despite their times, recognized humanity when they saw it. I, like everyone else, knew that Jefferson had written into Cheap Formal Dresses the Declaration of Independence a section ultimately deleted attacking the slave trade. He was one of the good guys. I made a mental note to visit his library when next I was in the District.


I read through the "Notes," happy to be out of my own head, and despite not always agreeing with Jefferson, I read with interest because he seems to be portraying blacks and whites as people with the same emotional range, the same ambiguities. For example, on the question of why blacks shouldn't be incorporated into the state, he admits to "deep rooted prejudices entertained by cheap evening dresses the whites," and to the "ten thousand recollections, by the blacks, of the injuries they have cheap evening dresses online sustained; new provocations; the real distinctions which nature has made; and many other circumstances will divide us into parties, and produce convulsions, which will probably never end but in the extermination of the one or the other race." This is, after all, over 200 years later, where we find ourselves, with our justice system in line with the shooting and incarceration of blacks.


[GRAPHIC Everything you need to know about the 2015 National Book Festival]


I let the phrase cheap prom dresses "the real distinctions which nature has made" slip by, though it narrows my gaze. But Jefferson wrote it as preparation for what was to follow in his description of blacks: "Their griefs are transient." Therefore, the injuries referred to above don't matter. Their recollections are without emotional attachment. I close my eyes, but I'm not asleep. The sentence won't be forgotten. Even as I await the next thing, the sentence won't be left behind. "Their griefs are transient." And yet, I realize that in everything I have heard about Jefferson, this sentence and much more have Cheap Prom Dresses been omitted.

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along with your FICO score

Check your VantageScore tooVantageScore was launched by the three prime credit bureaus as a competitive alternative to FICO and it's fast gaining acceptance among financial institutions. Ergo, now you need to check your VantageScore as well, along with your FICO score.


Let's face it, most Americans live on credit. Naturally, they often resort to taking loans at lower interest rates, to reduce their financial burden. This is exactly when credit scores, cheap ray bans credit history, and related reports come into play. No loan application is approved cheap ray ban sunglasses before a detailed analysis of the applicant's creditworthiness, which is quantified ray ban sunglasses fake through credit scores and reports. So, what are good credit scores and when do you say you have a doomed credit report? Why are lenders so obsessed with this score? Let us find out answers to all these questions in the following lines. We introduce you to VantageScore and FICO credit scores, their scales, and determinant factors, as well as charts that will provide you with an indication of how your personal score will be perceived by lenders.


Technically speaking, the credit score is a statistical technique of determining the probability buy fake ray ban sunglasses of an individual repaying his debt within a specific period of time, by evaluating and analyzing his previous credit history. In simple words, it is a numerical expression of your creditworthiness. Credit scores are granted by three bureaus in the US namely, Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. These scores are formulated on the basis of a software program developed by Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO), hence also termed as FICO scores. VantageScore has been jointly developed by these bureaus and uses a different type of algorithm.


The evaluation is based upon the credit data of an individual, available with the credit bureaus. It is possible that the three bureaus have different credit reports regarding the fake ray ban sunglasses same individual. Hence, he actually replica ray bans has three different credit scores. Nonetheless, the variation in the score range is not significant enough to influence the financial fate of a person.


The FICO scale ranges between 300 to 850, as a measure of an individual's creditworthiness.


FICO Credit Score> 720680 to 719620 to 679580 wholesale cheap ray bans 619500 579As evident from the table above, excellent credit scores assure best prospects of getting a loan; that too at lower interests. Most money lenders will find it difficult to reject a loan applicant with a superior score. People with scores in the range of 720 to 850 will not have any difficulty getting loans at desired interest rates, provided other conditions are met.


Generally, any loan application with a credit score of 720 and above is treated in a similar fashion by the lenders. While a credit score beyond 800 is indeed splendid, it may not earn you extra points with the lenders. buy replica ray ban sunglasses Your loan application will be reviewed in the same way as the one with a credit score of 720 or above.


Scores below 680 are considered risky and although there is no problem acquiring a loan, you may have to bear higher interest rates. People in the range of 580 to 619 may find it difficult to get loans and even if they do, the interest rates will be very high. People who have very poor scores should work upon credit repair before they can hope to get fake ray bans a loan sanctioned. In short, people with credit scores in the range, good to excellent, have no reason to worry, while those below, should look for ways to improve scores.


Determinants of a FICO Credit Score


Although, FICO has its own formula for cheap wholesale ray ban sunglasses evaluating the score, its variables are based upon certain factors. These factors and their corresponding weightages in deciding your score, are as follows:


Payment history (35%)


Outstanding current debts (30%)


Length of credit history (15%)


Types of credit accounts owned (10%)


New credit applications (10%)


VantageScore Scale


As an alternative model to FICO's rating, VantageScore has been developed through collaboration, between TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. It is based on a different algorithm, that has been constantly evolving to offer the most accurate picture of your creditworthiness. The current version 3.0 of the algorithm has been recalibrated to provide a rating scale ranging from 300 to 850, it being a familiar numerical scale.

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Select a Great Paint Color for Your Home Interior



It looks so simple and easy when you are watching a home improvement program on television. A home makeover project is in progress and the decision is made to do some interior painting. Then, just like magic, there is a beautiful new color on the walls of the room. Everyone is smiling, the room looks great, and gosh, it only took a couple of seconds for the transformation!


Your life isn't like television it never works this way. I know, my life Cheap Prom Dresses 2015 is never that simple or easy, either. However, selecting a paint color for an interior room or space in your home doesn't have to be an agonizing process. There are some steps you can take to help you make a good decision when selecting a wall color and, therefore, become one of those happy, smiling people when the project is complete.


Before heading out to the paint store to pick color cheap wedding dresses swatches there are two decisions that need to be made. First, determine the scope of your project, which means that you need to decide if you are going to paint one room, two rooms and a hallway, the entire Great Room, and so on. It seems so simple as to be obvious, but don't assume, just go ahead and make the decision mentally or write it down in a notebook.


The second part of that question is this: Are there defined 'starting and cheap evening dresses online stopping points'? To answer this question, go into the area and literally look at all of the walls in question. Make sure that the walls of your project Cheap Formal Dresses flow together and are within the scope of your project. For example, I have seen a kitchen/nook area of a home where the kitchen walls were painted a different color than the nook. That's fine, except the homeowner just stopped with one color in the middle of the wall above the cabinets, so there was definitely something unfinished about the look of the area! Don't make that mistake. Look carefully at each wall in the area, also considering any fascia or soffits you may have.


The other decision you should make is regarding the budget. How much money do you want to, or are you able to, spend on the paint decorating project? Again, it seems so simple. But before you run out and buy the paint, you should decide:


1. What brand of paint am I going to use? Cheap Prom Dresses Some brands and types of paint are more costly than others. Is your project area large? Then you will need more paint. If you might be covering a dark paint with a lighter color, you will need two coats of paint and possibly a primer.


2. Who is going to do the painting? If you are going to hire out the project, it makes sense to get some estimates before spending any money.


3. How many colors of paint will be used in the project? Are you going to have an accent wall or area? Are you going to faux finish any of the space? Try to determine an overall plan at this point.


Once you have decided the scope of the project and a realistic budget, it is then time to think about actual paint colors. Following are some suggestions for you to consider when selecting a wall color.


How much of a change are you considering for the room? Do you want to add some drama to the area? Look at some deeper or brighter shades of colors. Or, a more subtle and neutral look might be more in your design comfort zone. In that case, keep the colors more neutral; consider one of the hundreds of shades of off whites. Remember that a paint chip is a teeny, tiny little piece of color. It looks more intense when you put cheap evening dresses it on your very large walls. You might want to start with a shade that is less intense on the paint chip and test how it will appear on the walls. We'll talk more about that soon.


Are you going to work with an existing color in the area or introduce a new color? If you are thinking about a new and different color, make sure it will enhance the color scheme that is currently in the room. Your furniture and accessories should have new life and interest with the addition of a new color. Another great technique is to work with an existing color in the room and play it up on the walls by selecting a lighter or darker shade of that color.


It is always a wise decision to test your potential color choices before painting the entire room. Purchase paint samples if possible, or a quart if necessary, and prepare a color board. It's very simple. Just take a white poster board and put two coats of paint on it. cheap prom dresses You'll then have a good idea of the actual color. Put the color board in all areas of the room over a 24 to 48 hour period by Cheap Evening Dresses taping it to the wall with masking/painting tape. You want to see the cheap wedding dresses online color at different times of the day, and in the evening with artificial light.


Following these simple steps will help ensure that you select a color you'll cheap prom dresses online be happy with in your space, and minimize stress and frustration because you've made the important decisions at the beginning of the project. That's how to complete your paint project with a smile!.

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He was the star of Saturday night TV

He was the star of Saturday night TV and would turn men who squared up to him into quivering wrecks.


Gladiator Shadow quickly became a favourite for the 15 million enthralled viewers of the weekly ITV show.


So when the channel threw a reunion for the programme last weekend, fans would have expected the 17 stone hulk to be centre stage with his pugil stick.


But cheapest oakleys the cheap fake oakleys store former bodybuilder was to be seen.


In an exclusive Sunday People interview Shadow, whose real name is Jefferson King, says he has been erased from the show's after he was axed for taking drugs.


Today the 54 year old reveals how his life unravelled in a decade long drug when the Gladiator cameras stopped rolling.


He tells how he:


Went from prime time TV earning a show to pocketing as a gravedigger in West London. Plummeted by four stone as he whiled away his days smoking crack cocaine and heroine on friend's sofas. Swapped gorging on 10,000 calories a day and being strong enough to lift a Mini Cooper, to scrounging for meals "every two days" and being "as weak as a kitten". Spent eight years in and out of prison for drugs and shoplifting stealing and begging to feed his habit. Now six years fake oakleys clean of drugs, Jeff said: "I felt like a leper after Gladiators. I was on the programme there was than Blind Date and Noel's House Party. People were rushing home to see Gladiators on a Saturday discount oakleys night.


"Then after I was fired. people saw me differently. It felt like I'd had a life and then all of a sudden I didn't.


"Even a decade after I left I was in opening a gym in London and Gladiator Rhino came along. But I heard afterwards that London Weekend Television had told him and a few others not buy replica oakleys to associate with me.


"It's been ten years since I've seen any of them."


Jeff was axed from the show in 1994 after being accused of taking cocaine in a London nightclub. Programme maker LWT's official reason was buy fake oakleys store that he had tested positive for steroids.


He claims the shock sacking was the start of the show's demise.


"It was no coincidence that when I was on the show there were 15 million viewers and after that there were ten million at best, " he said.


"The bosses used to say no one was bigger than the show but I proved them all wrong.


"I was the challenge. I was going to damage you.


"But the producer called me into his office and said that, as much as he didn't want to, he buy fake oakleys had to let me go because I'd been accused of doing cocaine.


"I did lots of drugs in my life. I taking crack at 17 in New York and was hooked for ten years. But during Gladiators I didn't take Class A's.


"The only drugs I took were steroids. The show's bosses wanted superhumans to go up against normal members of the public. Many of us were from the world and steroids were part of that world for a lot of people.


"When the viewing cheap oakleys sunglasses figures got big after the first year, bosses were under pressure to prove the show was clean family entertainment.


"I feel I was made a scapegoat and I still think it is unfair that they didn't give me a second chance."


Jeff was also overlooked at a mini reunion during an episode of Stephen Mulhern's The Saturday Night Story last weekend, when ITV bosses didn't invite him. But he shrugs it off, saying: "I'm not that fussed. I'm used to not getting invited to things now."


He also feels the show cheated him financially. He claims discounted oakleys show bosses were interested only in pocketing the series' profits for themselves.


"I had a nice lifestyle. I drove a Vauxhall Frontier with a personalised numberplate. I had a nice home. But I was never rich," he said.


"The American Gladiators are now because they were given repeat rights. But we didn't get any of that.


"Even now the original show is on Sky but we still don't get any money for it. I met a guy who'd made cheap oakleys in two years from selling Gladiator dolls.


"Mine was one of the most popular. But we didn't have merchandise rights either.


"I printed 12,000 posters and T shirts and went to a in Stoke in Trent to sell them. In a few hours I'd made but was then asked to move on by the police for causing an obstruction."


Jeff admits to being swept up by his overnight fame and to having an extra marital affair while his wife, Olivia, was pregnant with twins. She kicked him out despite his protests.

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Hunt intensifies for prom night killerPolice

Hunt intensifies for prom night killerPolice are interrogating dozens of Ottawa students in their pursuit of the killer who knifed 18 year old Brandon Volpi Saturday during a downtown street melee between groups of young menpartying after their high school proms In the year of 1839, a six month school year became required Our goal is to provide substantive commentary for a general readership I plan to soon, though Youth Odell Beckham Jr Game Royal Blue Team Color Jersey


Men's Odell Beckham Jr Limited White Jersey Look to Millennial generation to balance US security needs and privacy rightsArcadia, Calif We just kind of looked at each other, and my eyes started watering, and I was like I don believe it, and everyone was like, you know it canceled, said Sophie Lewis, who on Tuesday night had come to Sprint Center with her friendsUpon arrival Deputies learned that a group of friends were attempting to swim across a cove in the park Morse was arrested Thursday morning on attempted criminal homicide


Stevens High substitute teacher quits over Facebook ultimatumA 79 year old substitute teacher has decided to quit her job rather than comply with orders from Stevens High School administrators to delete thousands of students and friends from her Facebook page "We wanted to carry on the tradition and the hard work we put into it The TT Lite XL shaft is designed for bore through woods and irons, which allows for clubs to built longer than standard lengths without using a shaft extension"Domestic violence cases predictable, preventableDomestic violence murders are predictable and preventable, according to Pitt County sheriff's detective John Guard, who says about 75 percent of victims are killed after leaving or while in the process of leaving their abusers Men's Odell Beckham Jr Elite Black Jersey


By practice, LifeSouth prefers to keep the walk in freezer in its lab area stocked with a four week supply of AB plasma, some 160 to 180 units, said Regional Director Wendy Entinglot of the litter in Terrebonne Parish is caused by things flying out of pickup trucks and from people who are taking things to the dump, he saidman was out doing laundry, Mayhew said The Florence County Sheriff's Office is the investigating agency for this case Youth Odell Beckham Jr Game White Jersey


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